Circuit Breakers

Cxor Engineering is distributor of ABB Low Voltage Products and are stockiest of four major products:

Emax Series

Lively performances

The Emax series offers you a great advantage: with the increased performances, you can now utilise the smaller circuit-breaker frames, obtaining considerable savings both in economic terms and in physical space within the switchboard. For example: the Emax E1 now offers current ratings up to 1600A, whilst Emax E3 is enhanced by version V with top of the range performances.

Now there is remote control

There are great benefits from the high level of connectivity possibilities: the new Emax can be connected to handheld and laptop computers utilising Bluetooth technology. The freedom of working with the latest technology offers many useful options: remote programming, supervision and maintenance information gathering can be carried out thanks to a new remote control supervision display. By means of new communication and configuration units transmitting information to the outside world becomes childsplay. It is even possible to control and monitor devices outside the circuit-breaker with the new external input/output modules.

Extremely simple installation

Installation of the Emax air circuit-breaker is simple thanks to the reduced number of fixing points positioned on the base of the unit. The availability of a wide range of terminals and conversion kits - means wall-mounted or rear-accessed switchgear can be built with ease.

Standardised accessories over the whole range

The same accessories cover the entire range and can be used both with direct and alternating current. Assembly is always carried out from the front without the need for cabling, offering convenience with considerable time saving.

Tmax XT

Tmax XT is a concentration of the most advanced technology: "forked" double breaking allows extremely high performances to be obtained (200 kA at 415 V AC), which are normally a feature of circuit-breakers of much larger size and dimensions.

Furthermore, the circuit-breaker is characterised by high limitation characteristics, both in terms of the peak current limited and in the specific let-through energy. This allows optimal sizing of all the apparatus installed on the load side (cables, users and other coordinated apparatus) and, in particular, thanks to these characteristics, TMax XT is suitable for three-phase squirrel cage motor protection in alternating current up to a power of 45 kW. As for XT1, there is double insulation on XT2 as well, which guarantees high safety standards thanks to the presence of double insulation between the live power parts (excluding the terminals) and the front parts of the apparatus where the operator works during normal plant service. Moreover, the seat of each electrical accessory is fully segregated from the power circuit, thereby avoiding the risk of contact with live parts. Thermal threshold adjustment. Selectivity: thanks to notable current-limiting characteristics, the selectivity values with circuit-breakers on the supply side are particularly high.