Dry Type Transformers

The dry type transformer does not require a liquid such as oil or silicone or any other liquid to cool the electrical core and coils. Cast resin transformer offers a safer and easier solution for the customer as there is a lower fire potential and a reduction in maintenance requirements. As the high voltage windings are encapsulated, the transformers are totally screened against moisture, dust and industrial waste common in heavily polluted environments.

The result is greater installability, flexibility and a maintenance free lifecycle. Cast Resin Transformers are commonly used for distribution power grids.

The high-quality cast resin transformer are the ideal choice for all needs thanks to their different advantages:

Unlike the oil solution, a cast resin transformer does not require additional building structures, thus guaranteeing the maximum flexibility straight from the beginning of the installation.

Trafo Elettro cast resin transformers are certified in compliance with IEC 60076-11.

Dry Type Transformers Major References

Project Name Year Location
The Centaurus Mall 2013-2014 Islamabad
Ghazi Brotha Hydel Dam 2004-2005 KPK
AL- fateh Glass 2018 Lahore
Chughtai Lab Lahore 2018 Lahore
Pakistan Kidney & Liver
Institute, Lahore
2019 Lahore