LV Products

Sigma Low Voltage Contactors

Sigma Low Voltage Contactors are produced suitable according to TS EN 60947-4-1 standards as 3 poles. As mentioned in TS EN 60947-4-1 standards they are used safely in different categories for switching and remote control of motors, lighting systems, compansation systems and various ─▒nductive loads. When LV contactors are used together with Thermal overload relays, they protect the circuit against overload current.


Sigma MCBs

Sigma MCBs are such devices that they protect their connected circuits against short circuit and overload. Sigma MCBs produced as 3 kA, 4.5 kA, 6 kA, 10 kA and 16kA according to the IEC standards are appropriate for EC low voltage directive 72/23/CEE as well.


Sigma LV Current Transformers(CT)

Sigma LV Current Transformers(CT) can convert the primarry current which is from 20A upto 5000A in the requested power and accuracy value into the secondary current which is 1 or 5A value. Sigma CTs are produced in 9 different sizes according to TS 620 EN 60044-1 standards for different busbar dimensions. Sigma CTs can be produced with sealed by Industry and commerce Ministry When requested.