Our Global Partners

We represent leading manufacturers around the world:


ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact.

ABB offers the best solution for restoring the service condition rapidly in case of fault, providing at the same time optimum protection of the electrical installation. From the miniature circuit-breakers to the Moulded-Case and Air Circuit-Breakers of the standard and high-breaking capacity type, with the ABB range, every technical problem has been solved. A reliable and advanced reply which, thanks to the interaction of electronics, is also present today in the control and operation stages of electrical installations.

Janitza Electronics GmbH

Janitza Electronic enterprises was found in 1961 and is since almost 50 years active in field of development and production of systems for efficient usage of electricity, energy measurement and cost reduction.

Power Quality Monitoring – Power Management – Power Quality Solutions: Products, systems and services of Janitza electronics® range from measurement (collection of data) through energy management through to solutions for the improvement of power quality. Janitza electronics does not solely limit itself to the collection of data but, based on the measurement data, offers tailor-made solutions in the field of power quality. This one-stop offer supports the best possible efficiency and power reliability.

Leutron Surge Arrester GmbH

It is for you that Leutron has been working for more than 50 years now on ways and methods to limit surge voltages and to discharge impulse currents.

Our product range of hermetically sealed, inert gas-filled high performance isolating spark gaps is renowned to offer outstanding safety and reliability. Sophisticated production processes such as high temperature soldering and vacuum technology offer a maximum of safety and a long service life. Our know-how based on many years of experience makes it possible for you to keep your equipment and electric devices in continuous operation in spite of interferences from surrounding industrial activities and to save you from operating disruptions following heavy thunderstorms.

We would like to draw your particular attention to our latest product development, PowerPro-BCD-Tr, a completely new generation of lightning current arresters with excellent test results that show an especially profound protection level, high discharge capacity and powerful mastering of follow-on currents in the mains up to 17.5 kA.

A company is only as good as the people working for it. Our highly motivated staff are the basis of long-term partnerships, good customer contacts and innovative products. They are committed to giving you tailor-made advice and service, fast and flexible responses thanks to quick decision-finding and technical support by offering training at your premises and under real working conditions in order to provide you with the best possible protection scheme against surge voltages.

IGEL MV/LV Soft Starters GmbH

IGEL Electric with its center of distribution in Sendenhorst offers you the world´s biggest soft starter product range. Our program starts from 4kV and 220VAC and goes up to 16MV at 13.800V.

The world's biggest soft starter product program!

Our consulting is strictly oriented towards the customer. We analyze your applications and your needs so that we can suggest the technically best but also most economical soft starter for your needs.

"Get your soft starter from Igel Electric"! We can develop solutions even for the most demanding starting processes. Our offerings are complemented by other electronic devices like low voltage contactors, medium voltage vacuum contactors, motor-protection relays and frequency invertors. Please ask for more details, we are looking forward to help you!

Henikwon Bus Rizer

Henikwon Corporation in 1982 , progressive market leader in electrical equipment industry playing a pioneering role, producing high performance and quality product with excellent service to the customers. Our technology is enhancing customer's performance while lowering environment impact.

We provide range of standards and custom designed electrical power distribution equipment, specialized in each market segments. Moreover we offer customer a dedicated and competent team of sales, engineering and product support as well as service. Everyone is driven by a strong pioneering spirit and we believe win-win situation.

Through the years Henikwon has established it self as a competent electrical technology partner to all customers in various industry sectors. A highly efficient plant and operators will compliance to International standards both in the product and quality management, we achieve consistently with a high level of quality. Such standards combined with unique organizational structure and cultures enable us to surpass the expectancies of our customers.

Eaton CEAG

With more than 100 years of company history and experience in the field of emergency lighting characterises our know-how and specialised expertise with the development of technology for improving personal safety.

Our dependable and high quality products are well-known and specified throughout the world. The passion and specialist capabilities of our employees, ensures comprehensive, future-oriented solutions and a high level of customer satisfaction.

Eaton Cooper

Based in Doncaster, Eaton's fire systems business manufacture and supply complete fire systems, not just individual components. A complete system can be specified from a single source, confident in the knowledge that all system components have been specifically designed and tested to ensure that they are all fully compatible with each other and will function as a fully complete fire detection and alarm system.

It is absolutely vital that all elements of a fire detection system are fully compatible with each other. To support this philosophy, our large multi disciplined research and development team, based in Doncaster is responsible for the integration of the latest technology into the full range of Eaton’s Fire Systems Business products.

Eaton’s fire systems business products have international approvals, the CF3000 and CF1000 range are Europe's first touch screen analogue fire panels that have built in multi-language capability with 27 languages available at your finger tips.

This website contains a number of new innovative products including a wireless fire detection, public address/voice alarm. The many innovative new and improved products featured in this catalogue demonstrate the commitment of Eaton's fire systems business to remain at the leading edge of fire alarm technological development.


Cavicel is present with its products in over 50 countries and is well known thanks to its quality and continuous and more and more advanced solution research. The company is located in Pioltello, in the outskirts of Milan. In 2006 the new facility has been built and all the activities have been transferred there. The new head office reflects the main concepts of Cavicel: attention to interpersonal relationships, attention towards quality and research of innovative and technological advanced solutions.

Trafo Elettro

Company born in 1969 in a small lab, now is one of the leader company on the market. Proud of experience, expertise and commitment of professionals working in the company, Trafo Elettro invests every day to improve customer service, products quality and environmental impact reduction. Trafo Elettro does not wish to be a simple good supplier, but a Safe and Reliable Partner. The motto of the company is Helpfulness, which it is translated into responsiveness and ability to customize the product.

In terms of organization, Trafo Elettro has defined clear internal procedures that make possible to control the entire production process, technical-commercial process according to ISO 9001 standards. The internal quality system is completed in collaboration with university entities and other specialized external centers, as well as with the observance of the sector’s regulation, to guarantee a product of absolute reliability. All this is summarized with a wide range of transformers that the TRAFO ELETTRO can offer.


Established in 1994 and built from the ground up by information technology, engineering veterans and innovation enthusiasts all with a strong vision and passion for improving parking management and engineering services. UAB Arevita delivers an extensive experience to guide and help businesses to effectively manage their parking lots and property. As of today, we uphold a strong position in Lithuanian market, thus constantly enter foreign countries to serve shopping malls, trade networks, industrial automation objects and more. Our highly skilled specialists are dedicated to realize the most complex solutions – from the very project preparation to its implementation and thorough upkeep.