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We represent leading manufacturers around the world:


ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact.

ABB offers the best solution for restoring the service condition rapidly in case of fault, providing at the same time optimum protection of the electrical installation. From the miniature circuit-breakers to the Moulded-Case and Air Circuit-Breakers of the standard and high-breaking capacity type, with the ABB range, every technical problem has been solved. A reliable and advanced reply which, thanks to the interaction of electronics, is also present today in the control and operation stages of electrical installations.

Janitza Electronics GmbH

Janitza Electronic enterprises was found in 1961 and is since almost 50 years active in field of development and production of systems for efficient usage of electricity, energy measurement and cost reduction.

Power Quality Monitoring – Power Management – Power Quality Solutions: Products, systems and services of Janitza electronics® range from measurement (collection of data) through energy management through to solutions for the improvement of power quality. Janitza electronics does not solely limit itself to the collection of data but, based on the measurement data, offers tailor-made solutions in the field of power quality. This one-stop offer supports the best possible efficiency and power reliability.


TEKOM PUK have creative experience right behind since 1977 on cable management systems; aware of our responsibilities to our geography and the world, sensitive to environmental issues, by targeting with shareholders to make a difference in the total quality who move in this direction. Worldwide, our goal is to offer the best quality and best engineering to our customers. We are surely rising with high quality and rich designs with our products in the markets of Turkey and the world.

We should cooperate because

You desire, we manage systems. We are everywhere that cable management is


Gruppo Energia SRL is a growing and dynamic Italian company specialized in the production of:

Gruppo Energia SRL has been established since year 2000.

The high levels of specialization and expertise in this field derive from the many-years experience of the founders who have other manufacturing units based in different European countries.

The deep knowledge of the market dynamics, the competence and reliability of the management team, the boost given to innovation through research and investment as well as the planning criteria and the synergy of all the production plant have generated a fast and increasing growth of business.

Entirely automated operation schedules allow savings in time and contained costs.

Gruppo Energia S.r.l comes to the market with its strong range of products, providing customized solutions in order to satisfy all the customer's needs.

Quality, reliability and competence are ingrained in the company spirit, guaranteeing optimum organization, a flexible production process and rigorous systems to control the set targets.

Leutron Surge Arrester GmbH

It is for you that Leutron has been working for more than 50 years now on ways and methods to limit surge voltages and to discharge impulse currents.

Our product range of hermetically sealed, inert gas-filled high performance isolating spark gaps is renowned to offer outstanding safety and reliability. Sophisticated production processes such as high temperature soldering and vacuum technology offer a maximum of safety and a long service life. Our know-how based on many years of experience makes it possible for you to keep your equipment and electric devices in continuous operation in spite of interferences from surrounding industrial activities and to save you from operating disruptions following heavy thunderstorms.

We would like to draw your particular attention to our latest product development, PowerPro-BCD-Tr, a completely new generation of lightning current arresters with excellent test results that show an especially profound protection level, high discharge capacity and powerful mastering of follow-on currents in the mains up to 17.5 kA.

A company is only as good as the people working for it. Our highly motivated staff are the basis of long-term partnerships, good customer contacts and innovative products. They are committed to giving you tailor-made advice and service, fast and flexible responses thanks to quick decision-finding and technical support by offering training at your premises and under real working conditions in order to provide you with the best possible protection scheme against surge voltages.

IGEL MV/LV Soft Starters GmbH

IGEL Electric with its center of distribution in Sendenhorst offers you the world´s biggest soft starter product range. Our program starts from 4kV and 220VAC and goes up to 16MV at 13.800V.

The world's biggest soft starter product program!

Our consulting is strictly oriented towards the customer. We analyze your applications and your needs so that we can suggest the technically best but also most economical soft starter for your needs.

"Get your soft starter from Igel Electric"! We can develop solutions even for the most demanding starting processes. Our offerings are complemented by other electronic devices like low voltage contactors, medium voltage vacuum contactors, motor-protection relays and frequency invertors. Please ask for more details, we are looking forward to help you!

Kobold Instrumentation


Elit UPS

ELIT was born in 1987, as a Company specializing in design, production, installation and start up of static frequency converter. The founder of the Company comes from more than thirty years of experience and he was the forerunner in the beginning of the eighty's, of the use of transistors in medium and high power uninterruptible power supply, producing for IBM UPS using transistor technology for loads up to 2250kVA.

Today, the range of products of ELIT produces:

ELIT, unlike many multinationals corporations (characterized by stiff internal organizations and too much fragmented competences) operating in this field of activities, offers not only a standard series of products based on in house design and technology, but has also specialized in custom made equipment distinguishable by simplicity of design, operations and maintainability. For these reasons, ELIT Srl, an ISO 9001: 2008 certified Company, is nowadays a well known and reliable supplier of 400Hz static frequency converter both civil and military field (receiving the NATO code for the quality of his supplies), of UPS and of static Constant Current Regulators for series lighting in the domestic and foreign markets.

FEAM Explosion Proof Lights

Feam since 1961 is a leading manufacturer of explosion proof electrical equipment mainly directed to the Petrochemical, Oil & Gas and Chemical industries. Our main focus is on continues R&D, innovation and upgrade of production processes. Feam is able to provide both standardized and tailored solutions to meet specific customer's needs Today Feam is in a leading position in Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Far East. Feam maintains a highly active policy of quality management and development. For this reason Feam has gained accreditation for Quality Assurance according to ISO 9001 standard and according to European ATEX and Russian GOST-R (RTR) directives.

Our customers include all the major international engineering and contracting companies such as: Snamprogetti, Tecnimont, Foster Wheeler, Esso, Saudi Aramco, Eni, Technip, Samsung, ABB Lummus, Hyundai and many others.

Our Scope:

Explosion Proof bulk material Atex certified

Weather Proof lighting Material

Sigma Elektrik

The Sigma Elektrik is a leading supplier of solutions and services for electro technical installation in residential and commercial buildings as well as for industrial applications. Sigma Elektrik ,established in 1993 and headquartered in Istanbul, is one of the largest private-owned enterprises in Turkey specialized in the manufacturing of the electrical distribution and protection equipments.

The quality of products and services is constantly aimed at achieving customers' satisfaction and corresponding business excellence. All our products have CE marking.

Sigma Elektrik owns the most comprehensive low voltage short circuit testing laboratory in which all the type test of low voltage switchgear and LV distribution board can be made. Sigma owns an improved mould Office endowed with modern benches, which can make every kind of mould. After product design convert into mould design, Mould manufacturing put into practice fast and it is delivered to the production department For the product designing, Unigraphics NX is the most advanced software that is used throughout the World by more than 40.000 companies in Aviation, Automotive, defense industry, machine, metal, plastic and mould sector.

Henikwon Bus Rizer

Henikwon Corporation in 1982 , progressive market leader in electrical equipment industry playing a pioneering role, producing high performance and quality product with excellent service to the customers. Our technology is enhancing customer's performance while lowering environment impact.

We provide range of standards and custom designed electrical power distribution equipment, specialized in each market segments. Moreover we offer customer a dedicated and competent team of sales, engineering and product support as well as service. Everyone is driven by a strong pioneering spirit and we believe win-win situation.

Through the years Henikwon has established it self as a competent electrical technology partner to all customers in various industry sectors. A highly efficient plant and operators will compliance to International standards both in the product and quality management, we achieve consistently with a high level of quality. Such standards combined with unique organizational structure and cultures enable us to surpass the expectancies of our customers.


Tecnoelettra S.r.l. was founded in 1985 in the determination to make control panels - as important industrial components - more accessible and functional. Innovation, research and creativity are aspects that have always distinguished the company in its original approach that combines the concept of "design" with equipment generally viewed as merely an assembly of metal parts and wires. This high-tech vision has helped Tecnoelettra come to the fore even on international markets and expand its export network to 70 different countries.